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Bangalore, Jun 19: Key’s Picnic was held on June 12th 2011 to Radiant Resort on Bannerghatta Road. Around 30 members from Key were present for picnic. As scheduled we left from Konkan Bhavan at 9.00 A.M in a mini Bus and reached Radiant Resort at around 10A.M. Lunch and snacks were arranged in the resort itself, thanks to Lionel for organizing. Varieties of games were organized by Bridget (Cultural Secretary) like musical chair, wearing saree for boys etc. All this added to the element of fun. After having a fabulous time we left the resort at around 6.00 P.M.

It was because of the co-ordinated effort of Jeevan (Secretary), Denzil (President) in making the preparations for the trip an extravaganza. Last and not least would love to thank all the Key members in helping have a good time despite of other commitments for being present on this day and making it a memorable one.

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